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The "Unknown Soldier's" Monument is on private property.

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A Casualty of War

Less than two miles from Horse Cave stands a stone monument honoring an unknown C.S.A. soldier. This monument, constructed of Tennessee stones, is 12 feet tall and rests on a base five feet square.

The story of this unknown soldier: During the course of troop movement, numerous trees were cut and laid across a trail to impede the progress of the approaching army. When the Southern army came upon these trees, it was necessary to clear a path. One young soldier became tired and was told to sit and rest for a moment. When he sat down on one of the fallen trees, he placed his gun at his side. As he did this, the trigger hit a branch and the gun discharged a bullet that entered his head just below his chin. After the soldier was buried, stones were placed at his head and feet. Some years later a wire fence was built around the grave.

A local man, Sam Lively, decided in 1934 to build a monument to this unknown soldier who was a member of Clay Anderson's Division of the 11th Louisiana, killed September 9, 1862.

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